September exhibition 2018

Heavy on the Surface

Angela Butler


Angela Butler  Heavy on the Surfac e AIRspace September 2018  Photo by: Ellen Dahl.

A thought opens in my mind and catches. A scene appears which relates to the thought in a body and space sense. It’s often a scene in which my hands are folding, lifting, drawing, scrunching, smoothing some kind of material. I hold it over a desk, on a floor, against a wall, in a large room, with sound, sometimes without. I feel the movements in my hands, up my arms, in my torso, and my feet keep balance and shift. I am standing at a large bench, a drafting table, sitting at a sewing machine, leaning into a wheel, turning lights off, looking at the slope of the floor. I stand right up close to what I am making.

I know the movements of my hands. I feel now how I feel when I handle it, see these changes, hold these tools. I start to work. I repeat and adjust. It never goes along as it does in the scene. That is only the start.


Angela Butler Heavy on the Surface AIRspace Projects Inc September 2018

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