place/space_measure up

Annelies Jahn


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

measure up presents the structural peculiarities of the Cranny through the act of measure. A curiosity in the nature of perception, place, the temporary and ephemeral are the motivation for my work. Observation of objects, phenomena and actions, and with this particular artwork, – place/space – take the form of collecting, mapping and measure. These actions are investigations of the relationship between things or ‘us’ and the space they reside in. It is a desire to understand our relationship to place – our habitation. More broadly, intuitive processes result in a play between object, place and space. All processes – activities of proposal, making, documentation and remnant – become ‘the work’. With a minimalist sensibility I often utilise industrial and discarded materials with the work taking form as installation, intervention, assemblage, drawing, painting, photography and video. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/anneliesjahn/

Image credit: drawing for place/space_measure up, installation proposal (the Cranny, AIRspace), 2019 photomontage, digital drawing 148.5 x 420 mm final installation to the dimensions of the space