September exhibition 2018

Figurativly Speaking /Red Herring Project #3

Anthony Cahill + Pollyxenia Joannou


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

Exhibition to be opened by Dr. Maryanne Coutts from The National Art School on opening night.

Figuratively Speaking | The Red Herring Project #3 is a semi-collaboration between Anthony Cahill and Pollyxenia Joannou which was conceived from a mutual respect, perception and ideology of each other’s work practice and, a sharing of a similar sense of purity.

The premise for the Red Herring Projects is to hit on a subject as a springboard. For example, “Figuratively Speaking”. Both artists then go away for a year working on with the same format and size then, coming together and coupling work in situ.

The “false clue” or “red herring” working title, came about in what both Cahill and Joannou perceived as the assumption of their differing rendered depictions coming together and being able to cohabit and speak to one another. In other words, is it possible to arrive at the same destination via different ends of the spectrum?

Anthony and Pollyxenia (Polly) have been both practising & exhibiting artists and friends since 1980. Over the years they have both travelled along different work practice paths and personal journeys. One would be viewed as a representative or figurative depiction of the world experienced and the other, a reductive interpretation.

Yet, they speak and experience a similar reaction to the landscape they inhabit; a similar formality and approach towards painting and interpretation of their direct environment and existence within it.

 Anthony Cahill + Pollyxenia Joannou Figuratively Speaking AIRspace Projects Inc September 2018.