Animal Matter in Enchanted Space

David Helmers


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

In an image-saturated world, where the momentary regard given to looking favours stereotype, I work to engage the audience to look deeper, exploring the potential to enchant using the marvellous specificity of material. Inspired by research that shows the power of wonder to aid new knowledge and the Norens, I would pause in wonder at in my recent Japanese residency. This installation aims to instil a sense of discovery, where the mind is open to possibilities. In advocating for the investment in time to take a closer look, I aim to overcome the stigma I face as HIV positive man.

David Helmers is a Masters candidate at the National Art School in ceramics and holds a BFA from VCA. His focus lies in installation work. He recently returned from a residency in Japan, making and exhibiting work that experimented with recent research ideas. In 2017 he was a sessional ceramics lecturer at the University of Newcastle and a finalist in the Deakin University small sculpture prize. David has exhibited nationally, won the Wangaratta Sculpture Biennale in 2008, and has his work in the Chang Chun Sculpture Museum in China. He is a retired board member of The Australian Ceramics Association, the peak national body.