July 2019

Flesh to Flesh

Faith Mrljak, Oscar Sulich, Mandarava Steiner, Madeline Castelli

Photo by Yiorgo Yiannopoulos

Photo by Yiorgo Yiannopoulos

The show will be interdisciplinary focusing on representations of bodies. The images of people relate back to our own fragility and temporal nature. As a group, seeing many images of people the idea of what is real is distorted into different styles and ways of presenting the body. Many visions of bodies and faces creating a mirror room of experiences will be built up with each artists works placed around the space. There is a narrative created when using images of people as you expect there to be a connection between all of the sitters of the imagery, however combining the work of different artists creates a story line that is indirect and the only connection is the sense of humanity.

Faith Mrljak  https://www.instagram.com/faith.mrljak/

Oscar Sulich  https://www.instagram.com/_eternaldust_/

Mandarava Steiner  https://www.instagram.com/stink_aye/

Madeline Castelli  https://www.instagram.com/madeline.c.a/