Terhi Hakola, Renay Pepita, Jenny Tubby & Carlos Agamez


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

This group exhibition brings together artists Terhi Hakola, Renay Pepita, Jenny Tubby and Carlos Agamez, who provide a pathway for gazing into one’s own personal history, co-creation, loss and the experience of transience as a migrant. This is realised through video, performance and installation, with each bringing forward the innate desire for connection.  

 Terhi Hakola’s One Day My House Fell Apart, sees the house as a physical manifestation of “home”, an assumed place of nurturing and security. In this story, this security is threatened – rain pours, earth moves and fires rage. Our carefully engineered structures crumble under these forces and the truths we keep as solid become uncertain. 

 Renay Pepita’s practice-based research is grounded in the relational, exploring interactions within a physical, metaphysical and emotional space between ourselves and others. Her latest work, All The Vessels In My Mother’s Home, explores the relational aspects of people and objects, and how objects become vessels or ‘carriers' of stories, memories, places and people. This relationship is honoured in a series of extended gestures between the artist and her mother and her mother's objects.

 Jenny Tubby’s most recent work invites fictional contemplation in relation to trauma and memory. Her current work, which is generated from both a lived experience and fabricated input, blurs the lines between reality and imagination, ruminating on the strands of memory.

 Carlos Agamez’s practice has been constructed from his emotional connection to the relationship of home, displacement, identity and the ties between himself and the internally displaced people in Colombia. His exhibiting work comes from a place of identifying the concept of home as a migrant in Australia.

 This exhibition aims to portray the lived experience of these artists through their own personal methodologies. In distinctly varied ways, each artist translates shared human experiences and looks towards exploring the potential to make these connections in our day to day existence.

Image credit: Terhi Hakola, One Day My House Fell Apart (2019) video still.  Single channel video projection, dimensions variable