The In-Between Program>A base-metal initiative>supported by airspace projects.


IBP August 2018

Sunday 26 August 2pm-5pm


IBP July 2018

Sunday 29 July 2pm-5pm

IBP June 2018

Sunday 24 June 12 noon-5pm

IBP May 2018

Sunday 27 May 12noon-5pm

IBP April 2018

Sunday 29 April 12 noon-5pm

IBP March 2018

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March 12 noon-5pm

IBP Feb. 2018

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February 12 noon-5pm


What is the In-Between Program?

The ‘In-Between Program’(IBP) is a base-metal initiative in which performance artists occupy and activate art spaces between regularly scheduled exhibition times. Through relationships with affiliated galleries, the IBP aims to showcase live performance art in a gallery context by utilising the time/space in-between regularly scheduled art exhibitions. During this in-between time, IBP artists will occupy the gallery space and present a live performance art event for the general public.


The context

The In-Between Program is born out of the recognition that live performance art does not fit neatly into the regular exhibition schedule.

Where a typical art exhibition is open for two or three weeks, many performances are one-off events. Consequently, performance art is frequently included in exhibitions either through documentation or

through the exhibit of performance artefacts and/or ephemera.

When live performance is included as part of an exhibition, there is often an expectation that the performance will take place on the opening night, an atmosphere that is generally not conducive or does justice to the work. Unfortunately, there are few spaces that carefully consider or cater to live performance art events and fewer still that can accommodate multiple performances taking place at once. It is this situation that has led us to propose the 'In-Between Program' or IBP.


What is base-metal?

Base-metal is a Sydney-based artist-run initiative committed to performance art research and practice. Founded in 2014 by artist Julie Vulcan in response to a perceived need for a Sydney based collective that could act as a nodal point locally, nationally and internationally. Base-metal does not reside in a venue. Base-metal events are run by a core committee of dedicated artists. Base-metal is part of the International network of performance art collectives activated by the well regarded and long established Bbeyond Performance Art collective in Belfast Ireland. Core artists have performed their work in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Thailand and Greece.


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