Woman on the Edge

Jacqui Driver


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

Woman on the Edge is a solo exhibition by Sydney based artist Jacqui Driver that deeply considers the limits of our vision. This exhibition draws from her desire to look towards the edge as something literally embedded within the Australian landscape as well as a question that examines the unresolved experience of balancing on a precipice. It is on this edge that Driver considers intangible moments that sit just out of arms reach: across a chasm, within a shadow, or deep within sinkholes.

Much of Driver’s work responds to her own experience of unstable emotional states of grief, trauma, and anxiety as well as dealing with the physical pain of chronic disability, inviting the audience to acknowledge spaces of discomfort and non-conformity in order to a recognise a more complex relationship with landscape.

Does the sinkhole draw us in?

Using practices of lithography and expanded installation, the unveiling of these dark spaces may indulge our senses, or expose a complex moment for contemplation. Despite these discomforts, ultimately Driver looks to difficult spaces of pain and disruption as way of acknowledging and celebrating alternative ways of seeing.

Image credit: Jacqui Driver: All Consuming. Lithograph in 7 panels. Printed by artist on Rives BFK and Hahnemühle
1140(w) x 1120(h) mm