October exhibition 2018


Kath Fries & Katy B Plummer


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

Familiars delves into close relationships with other beings, from the human to the non-human, the material and the immaterial. Katy B Plummer and Kath Fries have found a synergy in their practices that resonates between darkly strange and seductively sweet. Such conjuring and co-creating with the familiar, accidental and uncanny involves embodied processes that unfold and enfold into open-ended narratives. 

Traditionally ‘familiars' were associated with witches, such beings were companions and spies who assisted with enchantments and divining knowledge. Indeed, as female artists, Plummer and Fries draw on various feminist legacies of active creative knowledge, which differ from the masculine alchemist traditions seeking perfection; rather these women nurture, seduce, heal and enchant fictional and folkloric narratives into textured and mesmeric performative scenarios of aspiration, desire, mysteries and failings.