Katya Petetskaya is a visual artist working predominantly in painting and visual art performance. Petetskaya believes that in our contemporary image-centered culture the only role that is left for a visual artist is to ‘resist the image’. Never starting with a preconceived image and refusing to use images such as sketches or photographs to produce her work, Petetskaya follows that one can only truly paint something ‘unimaginable’. Life constantly moves, it can never be static – the moment of leaving a mark is a moment of experience of one very particular moment and that is why a painting can never be finished.

In her second solo show, In the world of falling puzzles, Petetskaya records her personal experiences of trying to adjust to accelerated changes of the world that is in the process of constantly reaching yet another tipping point. The anxieties and opportunities, the loss of comfort, the inability to continue with the old patterns and the inevitable transformation of one to an adjusted self provide the field of exploration for the artist.

Image Above: Katya Petetskaya, Jump (detail), 2018, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 100cm