In soft fabric, you bury yourself

Lilium Burrow


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

In soft fabric, you bury yourself looks at internal conflict and moments where the desire to hand-make contends with using digital technologies. Lilium destroys and deconstructs fabrics through cutting, ripping, tearing, scrunching etc. They are then rebuilt through laborious and time-consuming processes (both analogue and digital) such as pinning, glueing and sewing; and digitally cutting, pasting and printing. The works in this exhibition mimic one another, exploring endless reconfigurations of the same material, from the comforting tactility of fabric to its evocative representation as image.

Lilium Burrow is a Sydney based artist currently working with textiles and photographic mediums. In tandem to trauma healing, Lilium uses the deconstruction and rebuilding of fabrics as a cathartic process, resulting in the expression of an unapologetic femininity.