Lily Golightly
Lavender  Hill

Lavender Hill is the name of a place in a song that I was listening to while I was working in the studio.  In the song, Lavender Hill is “the land of make believe”.  It sounds very beautiful (sunny, fluffy clouds, mountains) and I particularly like the last line of the song, “While people eat their biscuits with tea, They dream...”.  I decided to name the show after this imaginary place, as one  of  the works in the show is an imaginary  city  made  of  toys  and  found  objects.  There  are  aspects of this show that are hidden,  either  inside  pockets  or  disguised  and  require a closer look (through red binoculars) to find them.  The  show uses soft sculpture, knitting, writing  and  hiding to create work that is comforting,  warm and colourful.    

Image Lily Golightly. Blueberries, 2017, found materials, dimensions variable.  Courtesy of the artist.