September exhibition 2018

Road Works, 2018

Michelle Le Dain



Road Works, (The Video Series 1) 2018 is a video series of photographs taken of painted road markings using the iPhone 7. The project was developed over a five-month artist residency in the USA which began as a 60-day morning run challenge to record and post a daily observation on Instagram. Inspired by an exhibition at MOMA One and One is Four: The Bauhaus Photocollages of Josef Albers, the project evolved into the process of finding, following, and photographing different painted road markings in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Montreal, Ottawa and continuing on to include Sydney Melbourne, London and Japan.

Road Works, (The Video Series 2) 2018, is a video of digitally reconstructed photographs of road markings where the initial images are recreated into digital constructions that playfully connect ‘found’ painted lines, colours and shapes into new abstractions. Playing with line and repetition, each painted mark represents a time, a place, a purpose, a direction. I am painting taking my palette literally and directly from the road.

...the many-fold seeing, the many-fold reading of the world makes us broader,

wider, richer. In education, a single standpoint cannot give a solid firm stand.

Thus, let us have different viewpoints, different standpoints. Let us observe in

different directions and from different angles... Josef Albers, 1938.


Michelle Le Dain, Road Works AIRspace Projects Inc September 2018