November exhibition 2018

La Fleur Journal 

Artist/s:  Suzy Faiz, Sophie Willison, Isabelle Wheeler & Manon Kimball 

Curator/s:  Terra Firma / Sophie Willison & Zoe Gojnich 


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

terra firma is a publication dedicated to the collaboration of photography & design. Published annually between Sydney & London, each issue explores a new theme working with artists from all corners of the earth. In step with the theme for the upcoming issue — reduce, reuse, recycle — they are also releasing a usable diary for 2019, focusing on flowers and plants in the everyday. The weekly diary is a great way to keep track of all of your important meetings and future deadlines, as well as a source of inspiration to brighten your day.

‘La Fleur Journal’ is an exhibition that brings together select artists featured in the diary, across a variety of mediums. This includes paintings by Suzy Faiz, embroidered textile by Isabelle Wheeler, ceramic handmade vases with flower arrangements by Manon Kimball and photographs by Sophie Willison. The diaries will be on sale alongside all of the artwork featured in the show.

The contents of the printed diary itself includes works by Sophie Willison, Chloe Coles, Soyun Park, Lucy Dellar, Luis Corzo, Louise Worner, Alyssa Benner and Eloise White. As well as paintings and collages by Suzy Faiz, hand pressed flowers by Serena Siow and quotes from flower appreciators.

Artist Bio/s:

Suzy Faiz (b. 1991, Gosford, NSW) is a Sydney artist whose practice investigates painting’s critical relevance within contemporary art. Her work explores the medium’s histories and materials, and pushes the possibilities of abstract painting through various inquiries and methodologies. Faiz has exhibited locally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions.

Sophie Willison (b.1995, London) Fine art photographer and Editor in Chief of Terra Firma Magazine. Willison is currently working on creating a perfume, designing furniture and has ideas for starting up her own gallery space - Sandalwood Project. One of her dreams one day is to design a swatch watch.

Isabelle Wheeler (b.1998, Canberra, NSW)
Isabelle is a Sydney-based textile designer who explores traditional decorative techniques such as embroidery, beading and hand stitched garments. Isabel creates playful juxtapositions between highly skilled construction methods and simple, childlike illustrations and designs, to a joyful, humorous effect. Isabel loves the colour pink, frilly clothing and her kitten Wes Anderson.

Manon Kimball (b.1995, Byron Bay, NSW) uses the mediums of ceramics and photography to express her fondness for the natural world. In her practice, she draws heavily from a childhood spent in Japan learning to create ikebana arrangements in traditional ceramic vessels. She also finds inspiration by observing the relationship between the ephemerality of flowers and the stoic quality of clay.