Yvette Hamilton, Karen Golland, Heidi LeFebvre
A line around that we cannot see

A line around that we cannot see brings together artists Karen Golland, Heidi LeFebvre and Yvette Hamilton in an exhibition that takes the act of mark-making as a way to explore the unseen.

Each artist uses the act of drawing as the starting point to explore that vacuum that is created by loss, absence, the unknown and the forgotten. The traces formed create both navigation and narrative and speak of the human quest to mark and memorialise the unseen and undiscovered. While each artist’s practice displays skills and expression particular to the materiality and concepts explored there is a common theme that they all refer to – that of the realm of "intricacy". They draw out meaning through the steady pursuit of contextualising their emotional and physical landscapes. With this in mind, these three artists wish to pursue a collaborative ideal; recognise the overlaps and draw "a line around that we cannot see”.

Associated Artist Talk/Workshop
As part of the Artist Talks on Saturday 19 May 3-5pm the Gallery Two artists will present (at roughly 4pm): 

When an artist talks we all listen?
You are invited to come and draw while artists Yvette Hamilton, Karen Golland and Heidi Lefebvre talk about their work in A line around that we cannot see; an experimental exhibition where they lasso their ideas and coral their experiences of time, place and the importance of art making in their daily lives.
Maybe they will be expansive if your eyes are averted? Maybe you will illustrate an unexpected idea?
We, the artists, will provide blank booklets for you to fill up. We will talk about our work and then we will ask you to show us your books. We attempt to make sense of the world through our art practice but we want to practice the art of listening (ohhhhhh yeah good one!).
Please bring a pen or pencil. You will be invited to participate but it is not compulsory. There will be prizes but we will all be winners.


Cover Image: Yvette Hamilton, Laying light (detail) 2018, courtesy of the artist