Session Vessels
Organised by Rafaela Pandolfini
with Ainslie Templeton
Opening 6th July 6pm

Welcome to country @ 6.30pm
Performance by Megan Hanson @7pm

Gallery 1

Ander Rennick, Essamplaire, Keith Lafuente, Laura / Deanna Fanning, Maison the Faux, Megan Hanson, Women's History Museum, Zhuxuan He

Gallery 2

Annie Wu, Hana Shimada, Jim Singline, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Rafaela Pandolfini 

The Cranny

Kathy Acker, Bette Gordon, Terence Sellers, Selby Nimrod

Deep Space

Kathy Acker, Nox w/ Michel Henritzi

Shop Shelves

Catherine Flora Murray, Kiki Ando, Lauren Kerjan, Simonne Goran

Public event #1

Saturday 14th July - On Kathy Acker

Performances @ 2pm

w/ Ainslie Templeton, Bette Gordon, Nox with Michel Henrtizi, Brian Fuata/Enderie, Gerry Bibby, McKenzie Wark

Public event #2

Saturday 21st July - A Minor History of the Feminine by Rafaela Pandolfini 

Performance @ 2pm

w/ Lucreccia QUintanilla & special guests 

Lunch @ 1pm