Ngala Nanga Mai pARenT Group 

(Department of Community Child Health Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick) 

Participating Artists TBC

The artworks made for FLAGspace were created by the artists of the Ngala Nanga Mai pARenT Group – a participatory arts in health program established in 2009 and delivered by the Department of Community Child Health at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (Randwick).  

Every week, parents of Aboriginal children from La Perouse and surrounds, come together at the La Perouse Aboriginal Community Health Centre to connect through art making. This connecting supports our health and social, cultural and emotional wellbeing and that of our children. For this project we worked with guest artist Paula Do Prado experimenting with textiles, thread, wool, paint and oil pastels. The results from these experiments are presented here.   

Participating Artists: 
Aura Martin
Lesley Ryan
Shaye Weaver
Kianee Horwood
Kaylene Mathieson
Marie Carter
Melissa McDonald
Charmiann Basanauro
Belinda Jones
Courtney Owens
Tiara Roberts
Skye Sellars
Leena Uepa
Sharone Cubby
Jan Cook
Denneil Lyons
Grace Naidu
Sheree Morris
Diane Lindley
Jasmine Brennan

For further information about the Ngala Nanga Mai pARenT Group Program please contact  

Michelle Jersky (Program Manager – Arts in Health and Community Development, Department of Community Child Health, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick) on 0408 516 950 or michelle.jersky@health.nsw.gov.au or Melinda Moore (Aboriginal Health Worker) on 0408 516 950 or melinda.moore@health.nsw.gov.au

Image Credit: Logo of Ngala Nanga Mai pARenT Group