A Sydney based artist, born in Taiwan, lived in East Timor and the Dominican Republic, Anie's art practice canvases experiences through connections, placements and displacements as a way of understanding and making sense of being.  Anie completed MFA, CoFA, UNSW in 2007 with the award APA. She has exhibited in Beijing, Korea and Suginami, Japan following a residency in 2016.  She exhibits regularly in Sydney. Since 2016 she has been engaging with artists and their work through Slot.

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Catherine Polcz is a scientist, artist and museologist working in Sydney. Inspired by the museum experience, she creates unique projects that question the authority of knowledge, the value of objects and Play with museum conventions. She has exhibited her creative work in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Toronto, Montreal and San Francisco.

She is the curator of AIRseum, an alternative museum space exploring the hidden stories of Marrickville and the Inner West.

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Martin Cordoba graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the University Of New South Wales in 2014, is currently studying a Master of Art Curating at Sydney University and works as an art instructor for 4Cats Arts Studio Lindfield. He also has experience as a Junior Gallery director for Galleryeight, Sydney from 2013-2014 and undertook an internship at Verge Gallery, Sydney in 2016.


Yiorgo Yiannopoulos

Yiorgo Yiannopoulos is an artist based in Sydney whose work is devoted to the systems through which people meet each other. Yiorgo’s research into queer sexual geography is focused on spaces which allow for people to fulfill their desires and find intimacy in covert ways which often defy convention. 

Yiorgo graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with First Class Honours (2015) and has presented work in exhibitions locally and interstate.


Hannah James is an emerging Sydney-based artist and curator. Within her artistic practice, Hannah explores the materialising of time and employs tactility and scale to evoke care, intimacy and reciprocal exchange.  Materially, her work often merges textiles, printmaking, soft sculpture and installation to produce cross disciplinary outcomes. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. 

Hannah completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the University of New South Wales in 2018 and is currently completing her Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership at the same institution.

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