Nothing That Belonged To It Exists Anymore

Simonne Goran


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

Nothing that belonged to it exists anymore explores malformed visions of the future re-imagined through the lens of the artist’s teenage self. The works embody a link between these two worlds through visceral projections of doom, melancholia, fantasy and dreaminess. Ceramic ornaments and sculptural installations attempt to break down large-scale sci-fi themes into abstracted and fragmented objects. Merged with tacky trinkets and daggy imagery, the series references and speaks directly to Goran’s mottled memories of youth and personal experience as a teenage girl. The crossover presents rifts in time, place and matter; feeling stuck in time, in another timeline, neither here nor there, time travelling, filled with a sense of curiosity, confusion and nostalgia. The work in this show explores this tension, as connected through poetics of memory, intimacy, desire and environment.


Image credit: Simonne Goran, Swamp Sculpture (detail), 2019. Photo by Daryl Prondoso