Skelton & Conway


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

Calloused is an activated installation by the collaborative duo Skelton & Conway that examines the complexities of preservation and the value of object in contemporary society. Using ‘simulated nature’, Skelton & Conway magnify the disjunction between the cosmetic appearance and the intended purpose of domestic objects. This is done by wrapping and vacuum sealing objects, making their purpose instantaneously redundant and their existence entirely superficial.

The superfluity of preservation is exaggerated further by each object existing as plastic imitations of their naturally occurring counterparts. Plastic plants, a defunct fish tank and an LED pond accompanied by the aroma of air freshener are observed in an artificial exhibition environment, exaggerating a particular absurdity within the way we address conservation. In the space the superficiality of preservation becomes overt; purpose is exchanged for facade.


May 3 during opening 6 - 8pm.

May 18th before artists talks 3 - 5pm.


Image credit: Skelton & Conway