Woolworths Orchid

Sophie Penkethman-Young


Photo by Ellen Dahl

Photo by Ellen Dahl

I google the object and find hundreds of images. All of them are slightly different, but mostly the same. They are infinitely replicable.  Hundreds of people may be seeing the same image as me. The image is an object. We touch this object. The object is made of pixels and code.

I walk through the supermarket. I see the object, it is replicated many times and I realise hundreds of people are in supermarkets looking at the same object as me. This object is made of atoms.

The store is constructed like the digital space. It keeps me there and I scroll through aisles, spending money and time. Mass consumption of images and objects are inseparable. My consumption exists equally in digital and physical realms.

 This dystopia is floral and consumable. I am intoxicated and repulsed by it. I want more and less of it.

 Woolworths Orchid is a video installation by artist Sophie Penkethman-Young. The work continues her interest in the mass consumption of digital and natural objects.

Instagram: @sophiep_y