FIFO April 2018

Suada Ada Demirovic
Family Album
Video, 19 min

The work “Family Album” tells the story of my mother as a migrant. The video depicts both our hands as we go through the family album, from the year 1965 -1982; pre 1990s wartime in Yugoslavia.
My mother talks about her birthplace in Serbia, and why she relocates with her family to Macedonia in the 1960s, with the dream of becoming a permanent citizen of Turkey. The migration flow from the Balkans to Turkey took place during four historical periods, throughout the 20th century. The agreements were initially related to nation- and state- building, creating homogenous ethnic societies. Minorities of Muslim Albanians, Bosnians, Circassians, Pomaks, and Tatars, were supposedly easier to melt into a Turkish society. In 1970 my mother moved to Denmark as part of a surge of guest workers. A country she had never heard of…or even imagined to live in. Her journey begins with overcoming the language barrier, being hired as a guest worker in the Danish chocolate factory Toms.

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Eva Koch
­Red Poppies #2
Photographed and edited by Niels Plenge
2016/3.54 min/stereo

Red Poppies #2 has been made as a projection.

The poppy was photographed against a black background. When it is projected, the black background is not visible and we see only the flower/the object. The border of the picture has been made soft, so that the traditional cut, the edge between the projected picture and the surface it is projected on, becomes as invisible as possible.

Red Poppies#2 focuses on the poppy, which is allowed to unfold and fill the entire picture before our eyes.

Since the end of World War II the poppy has been a symbol of the blood spilled in Flanders; the year after the fallen soldiers had been buried, poppies sprang out of the overturned earth and coloured entire fields red. Since then the poppy has become a symbol of peace, and in Great Britain every autumn people celebrate the Armistice by wearing a poppy in their buttonhole.

In some countries the poppy with its beautiful red colour is also the flower of passion and love. It is a delicate flower whose petals fall off as soon as it is picked.

Like peace and like love it is fragile. We must take care of it.

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