FIFO May 2018

Artist Dale Hoyt

Selected by Elizabeth Wild

Artist/Director of Winslow Garage Los Angeles


Transgenic Hairshirt
Don’t Be Cruel

Dale Hoyt is an artist unafraid of exploring the absurdity of human behavioUr and displaying
deeply felt and dramatic emotions. The three videos selected provide insight into
the plight of animals existing in the human world in ways that are both disturbing and often very
funny. These unforgettable videos allow an excellent view into San Francisco in the late 1990’s
and early part of this century.

Dale Hoyt has been involved in making, curating and writing about modern media for
almost 50 years. In 1981 he became one the youngest filmmakers to ever be shown at
The Cannes Film Festival and in 1986 the youngest artist to ever be bought by the
Museum Of Modern Art. His videos have been shown internationally for as long. He also
is in the collection of The Getty Museum and The Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam. He
recently taught at the San Francisco Art institute in the Film Department with
Christopher Coppola. He lives in San Francisco, California.