FIFO September 2018

Artist: Amanda Davies 

Selected by: Without talking, no value is produced

Works: Cluster, 2018 version, top motion animation 1.30 mins 

Pop, 2018 version, top motion animation 2.30 mins 

Cluster Pop comprises two performative self-portrait animations by Amanda Davies. Davies is fascinated by the oscillation between seeing and sensing, the abject and rejected, the assimilated and misconceived, the known and the unknown. She seeks to articulate something of what lies within - transforming a body state experience into an image to be seen.  

This presentation has been developed by ‘Without talking, no value is produced’. Based in Hobart, ‘Without talking,’ is a curatorial collaboration between Kylie Johnson and Sarah Jones.  

Davies is best known for her figurative paintings, winning the 2017 Portia Geach Memorial Award. Cluster Pop is the first time the artist has shown moving image works in Sydney. Davies attained her BFA from the University of Tasmania in 2003. Since this time she has received numerous residencies including: an Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency to study in London (2017) and an Australia Council for the Arts Rome Studio Residency (2012). Recent exhibitions include: Mistake, Bett Gallery, Hobart; a bruise has no tears, Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart (2016) curated by Pat Brassington and Kylie Johnson; Dark Mofo, Hobart (2016) and Purge, Cross Art Project, Sydney (2012) curated by Craig Judd.