FIFO August 2018

Dale Collier
I am not an Island

August 25th & 26th 12-5pm

 Darkinjung/Wiradjuri artist Dale Collier is a socio-politically engaged practitioner whose work cross-examines contemporary falsehoods, nationalistic propaganda and complex co-opted Scottish settler & British convict traditions. Often manifesting as institutional critique, Collier's site-specific projects traverse live spaces and places of key cultural, geo-political and environmental concern. 

I am not an Island is a new body of work that utilises ubiquitous materials to activate and respond to sites of instability. The work was created whilst undertaking an artist residency program in the Toronto Islands, Lake Ontario, Canada during the fall of 2017. After a series of severe storms and the flooding of Lake Ontario, the Toronto Islands community experienced forced evacuations and was closed indefinitely due to extreme weather conditions. Throughout the following months this body of work unfolded with experiments into data visualisation, found objects, residual control measures and other ubiquitous materials to perform embodied extensions of the biosphere while considering the effects of climate change.

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